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The largest shopping centre portfolio in Switzerland


Welcome to Migros shopping centres! Migros Cooperatives have

developed and operate the largest and most extensive portfolio of shopping centres in Switzerland as part of their goal of providing "a better daily life".

Migros has been acknowledged by its customers as being the leading

company as regards improvement of quality of life. Our consumer and service products cover the needs of everyday life. Our range of products appeals

to all parts of the population and their specific quality of life requirements.

Migros develops and operates its own shopping centres to strengthen its

core business within the retail sector. Using the strength of its own retail formats, Migros builds extraordinary strong shopping destinations – with Switzerland’s strongest Food anchor – the Migros supermarket – leading the way.


Over 40 years of experience in managing shopping centres 

Our role as owner and landlord is characterized by our company being

deeply routed in our core business, the retail trade. We manage our shopping centres with emphasis on the long term and sustainability and always with

a critical eye on customer satisfaction and innovation.

Migros shopping centres offer an appealing retail environment at

important key locations, making us the preferred partners of leading retailers

and companies entering the Swiss market.